Sculpture installations


In spring of 2012 I was looking for something large and cylindrical for one of my cordwood pieces in the Hollow. I was at the checkout counter of a local cast concrete about to purchase a concrete thimble that was very heavy and very expensive. I told the lady at the checkout counter that it was for a sculpture project and she showed my some raised beds that she’d made out of corrugated plastic drainage pipe. A BIG light bulb went off and I went straight to the local supplier and discovered that the material was available in an amazing variety of sizes. It was light and easy to cut and work with. To date I have completed a half dozen pieces (not including the cordwood piece). And all of the pieces have been installed at various sites around the Cape, including Cotuit Center for the Arts, The Miller White Gallery in Dennis, The Studio at Slough Road in Brewster and the Orleans Medical Center. I’ve found that the material is quite versatile and I have plans for many other pieces that would be appropriate in a variety of settings.