Roe at Cape Cup

Roe at Mooncussers

Backyard jam at the Wicked Yellow House

Bert and Roe

Roe at the Brewster Gazebo with Tim Sweeney

Bass O'Matics at the Ukelele Cabaret

Elixir plays Brewster in Bloom

Roe and Tom Tracy at Tom's studio

Twin brothers of different mothers: Roe and Laird Boles

Robertchez at the Farm to Table event

Kareem, Roe and Bert at the Christmas Stroll, Barnstable



My music encompasses three different spheres: Bass playing, singing, and song writing. I also dabble in 6-string guitar at avery amateur level. I play both electric bass and upright bass, although the latter has been my instrument of choice of late. I love to sing, and thoroughly enjoy doing both background and lead vocal work. I wrote my first tune (worth applying to memory) in 1977. That song, When You’re Here, appears on an album of original music titled What If that I finished in November of 2011, The songs I have written fall into many categories, reflecting all the musical influences and interests that I’ve had over the years.